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ANSI Accreditation of the SGCC Certification Program
Information helpful to becoming SGCC Certified
Laminated Glass Information
CPSC Certificate of Conformity Information
Miscellaneous Forms and Information
Quality System Production Testing Video

Miscellaneous Forms and Information


Guidance Document & Suitable Alternates List: Guidance for the SGCC Quality Assurance Production Testing (3.10.2020)

Laminated QA Testing FAQ: Quality Assurance Testing of Laminated Samples FAQ (11.25.2019)

Inactive Status Requests:  10-1 Test Release Bond (10.5 KB)

Request to purchase a commercial punching bag for ANSI Z97 impact testing


2020.3.2: Notice of Changes to Certification - Metalized Coated Glass

2019.11.25: Important Notice - Changes to SGCC's Plant Quality Assurance Requirements

2019.9.12: Notice of Changes to Certification -  Foreign Inspection & Fee Increase

2018.11.26: Chemically Strengthened Safety Glass ANSI Interpretation

2018.8.6: Notice of Changes to Certification - SG Fee Increase

2018.1.5: 2018.1.5 SGCC Notice - Coated Glass Pilot Study 1/5/18

2017.10.31: VIG ANSI Interpretation and Information 10/31/17

2017.10.18: Notice of Changes to Certification (AD-69)

2017.7.6: Notice of Changes to Certification CANCGSB-12-1-2017

2016.6.27 CPSC and SGCC L16 Certification

2016.4.1 Final Memo to SGCC Licensees and Labs on CPSC Decision

2016.1.5: ANSI Z97.1-2015 memo

2010.3.23: ANSI Z97.1-2009 memo (53.5 KB)



SD-100 SGCC Pattern List

SGCC Bylaws

SGCC Complaints and Appeals



ASTM F3007 Ball Drop Test

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