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How to Become Certified

SGCC is the third party sponsor of a certification program, which provides for the certification of safety glazing materials. In order for a product to be certified in the SGCC certification program, we must receive three (3) things:
  1. Signed License Agreements
  2. Passing test reports
  3. Payment for appropriate certification fee's

If you are already a licensee of the SGCC program with currently certified products, then License Agreements have already been signed and are not needed again. If License Agreements have not already been executed, then we will forward under separate cover.
Prototype testing to ANSI Z97.1 and/or CPSC 16 CFR 1201 may be done whenever you are ready to submit samples. Testing to both standards is referred to as "composite" testing. These prototype samples do not need to be selected or labeled by SGCC, but testing must be performed by an SGCC approved laboratory on each thickness you wish to certify. Testing should be performed on 34 x 76 inch samples for an unlimited size classification, meaning you may certify any size of that thickness. Once passing test results have been achieved, the report should be forwarded to SGCC for review. Prototype testing will be invoiced by the laboratory.

Typically, once SGCC receives the passing test report, an Invoice for the appropriate certification fees will be sent to you. Upon receipt of payment of this invoice, SGCC will issue the appropriate SGCC number, and authorize you to use the SGCC logo and number on your product or products. After SGCC authorization to label, the SGCC logo and number must only be applied to products of like fabrication as the prototype samples and to products complying with SGCC guidelines.

The timeline for this process may be accelerated in several ways if you wish. By completing and returning an SGCC "PREISSUED CERTIFICATION NUMBER BOND" form for each product you wish to certify, an SGCC number will be issued to you in advance of testing or invoice payment. This is typically done to afford fabricators more time to order product labeling equipment. Additionally, if you notify SGCC of the type of product and to which standard you wish to certify to, (ANSI and/or CPSC) the invoice covering the certification fees can be sent to you in advance of testing, thus affording more time for payment.

Once a product is certified in the SGCC program, SGCC will conduct an unannounced inspection and selection of your products at your facility once each six (6) months. You will then be required to ship the selected products to the SGCC approved test laboratory of your choice for testing. All correspondence, invoicing and communication regarding this process shall be coordinated through the SGCC office.

It is important to remember that the SGCC program not only tests your ability to properly fabricate the product, but also your ability to properly label the product. Non-compliance with the program can occur both for failing test results and for improper labeling. Labeling requirements are contained in the SGCC Certified Products directory (CPD), procedural guide section.